Exhibitor Statements (In alphabetical order)

Read interesting and authentic statements about the last electronica China.

Wenzhong Cai, General Manager, Shanghai Haoxun Trade Development Co., Ltd. (China)
“Since 2010, we have participated in electronica China for eight years. Through the exhibition, we successfully introduced more products into the market and different industries. electronica China is very influential in the electronics industry. Many of our customers will come. We will exhibit again next year and we hope it will grow even bigger and better.”

Daniel Deng, Senior Product Manager, DC Team Leader, HARTING (Zhuhai) Sales Co., Ltd. (Germany)
“electronica China is a large scale, professional exhibition. All the visitors are professionals like engineers, buyers, and managers. We have maintained cooperation with electronica China for a long time and will continue to keep close contact. Our key customers are all here to find out about the latest trends and developments in the electronics industry. We also want to make contact with more new customers through the exhibition. Next year, we will continue to exhibit at electronica China as our new products need such a big platform to exhibit to the industry and to find more application fields.”

Hany Han, Marketing Manager, DS International Group Co., Ltd. (China)
“Comparing to past years, the visitor flow has grown much and the visitors’ interest in our products are also increasing. Many of our customers have become exhibitors this year. The atmosphere in the halls is very good. Many of the visitors are decision-makers, such as general managers or technical directors. electronica China provides a great platform for leaders in the electronics industry to meet and exchange ideas. We have exhibited at electronica China for 5 years and I believe we will continue to participate in the future.”

Fischer Huang, Group Marketing Manager, Global Commercial Products Division, Molex Taiwan Ltd. (USA)
“In comparison to the previous editions, this year the brands represented at electronica China has grown even more. A lot of old customers and potential ones came to the exhibition. They are from a diverse background like telecommunications, servers, automobile, industrial and medical industries. Moreover, there are a lot for new customers from other application fields. We think this year’s exhibition is very successful.”

Lucy Huang, Vice President, Hanking Industry Group Co., Ltd. (China)
“electronica China is very big and covers a wide range of industries. It provides very good chances for us to exhibit its products to the Chinese and international markets. So we have selected it as the most important exhibition we take every year. A lot of important customers came to our booth. Yesterday alone we received over 3,000 customers and the results are impressive. We are already preparing for our exhibition next year and we will make a major investment into it next year.”

Silkie Lau, Principal Expert, PR/Marcom Department, China Industrial Solution Business Division, Renesas Electronics Hong Kong Limited (Japan)
“We started attending electronica China four years ago. Our European subsidiary also takes part in the electronica in Munich. So electronica is our exhibition platform to the world and it provides very good chances. We can make contact with international and local customers here. The visitor number is growing every year and we are happy about it.”

Leo Liu, General Manager of Sales & Marketing, WAGO Electronics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (Germany)
“Comparing to its past openings, the visitor number this year has made a breakthrough. We have exhibited at electronica China every year because it is very professional and the product segmentation is quite clear. The visitor quality and professionalism are both good and we are happy about it. Every year the exhibition opens with new highlights and changes. We hope we can continue our cooperation with the organizer next year.”

Christine So, Section Manager, IC Marketing Section, ABLIC Hong Kong Ltd. (Japan)
“Both the visitor number and quality are very good this year. We would invite our key customers to this exhibition every year, so it has become a place for our annual meeting with them. We will continue to exhibit next year.”

Danny Tan, General Manager, Storage & Device Solution Marketing Division, TOSHIBA Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. (Japan)
“Toshiba has exhibited at electronica China for five years consecutively. I think it is very helpful to our product promotion, especially in the Chinese market. Through many years of collaboration between the organizers and exhibitors, electronica China has made significant progresses in its influence, visitor quality and number. We will come again next year and invest more into our new product promotion in China.”

Edward Tsaur, Director of Marketing APAC, TE Connectivity (USA)
“Our cooperation with electronica China goes a long way back and we have invested a lot into our exhibition here. It shows how important it is to us. electronica China is very suitable for us to promote our brand in China. It offers a wide spectrum of products and services from the upstream to downstream areas. Such features are very important to us. The results we made this year have exceeded our expectations. The visitor flow is great. I believe this year the exhibition will be more successful.”

Dezhong Wang, Marketing Manager, DC Segment, Phoenix Contact (China) Holding Co., Ltd. (Germany)
“The visitors at electronica China are becoming more professional and this is very good for our future work. This year the visitor flow is really great and many visitors are of very good quality, which is shown both in the questions they raise and the understanding they show about our products. At the same time, I noticed a lot of R&D people from international companies are looking for suitable products at the exhibition. electronica China is very helpful for our product promotion.”

Jiaban Wang, Senior Field Application Engineer, Automotive Electronics Semiconductors and Sensors, Bosch (China) Investment Ltd. (Germany)
“I think electronica China is at a leading position in terms of the visitor flow and quality. We are happy about both. And today we have met some potential customers. To both the suppliers and our customers, electronica China is a grand event. We can make more communication and get to know each other better here. We are expecting a lot from the exhibition next year and surely we will come again.”

Ken Wang, Senior Marketing Supervisor, Hirose Electric Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Japan)
“electronica China is the best choice for us. Both the organizers and the visitors are very professional and devoted. The exhibition is making progresses every year. We will exhibit again next year.”

Jon Yu, General Manager, Wireless Consumer Business Unit, Pulse Electronics (USA)
“We think highly of electronica China 2018, because a lot of new business opportunities and new trends can be found here and it is also a good place to present our new products and technology here. Both the visitor quality and number are quite good this year so we are sure to attend the exhibition in 2019. Next year, we hope more high-quality companies will attend and communicate with each other, because electronica China is really a good platform.”

Eric Zhu, Senior Marketing Manager, Sales Division-2, ROHM Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Japan)
“electronica China is the first exhibition we take part in China. In terms of exhibition organization, visitor professionalism and devotion, electronica China is the best choice for us in this country. Our booth is always growing and our visitors’ quality is on the rise. We will participate in electronica China every year.”

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