Statements about the fair

Exhibitor statements

This year I saw some interesting new technology and solutions here. And I’m surprising that so many Chinese manufacturers showed their capability here. I do believe that electronica China is a very attractive show and there are many good exhibitors and professional visitors, it’s a great opportunity for us.
– Toshihide ASANUMA,President & CEO / China HQ General Manager,TDK CHINA CO.,LTD. (Japan)

electronica China is very lively. Since the first day, it was crowded and there were queuing extending outside the halls. The quality of visitors are very high. The professionalism of electronica China can be described in two aspects: on the one hand, there are high-level industry peers here; on the other hand, there are a lot of professional visitors. All the questions asked at our stand are very professional. This is how electronica China is different from other exhibitions, and also its highlight. We will continue to attend electronica China. Such a professional, high standard and wide-ranging exhibition is very helpful for our future development.
– Zhenyu Cai,China Industrial Marketing Director,Analog Devices (USA)

We are old friends of electronica China and have participated for many years. In the past two years, we have seen some changes and healthy developments. In terms of the breadth and depth of the exhibition range, we have seen such a trend that the exhibitors now prefer to exhibit as a themed High-Tech park or special exhibition area, instead of standalone exhibition booths. This is very helpful for communication among industry peers, so I hope we can do better in the future in developing such new models. At the same time, we hope that our cooperation and friendship with the organizer will continue to develop. We also hope that electronica China will be able to offer more in-depth communication, and create a better platform for the peers in the industry to have more fruitful communication.
– Jun Chen,Regional Director-Asia Pacific Sales & Applications,Melexis Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Belgium)

electronica China is very crowded as always. There are many manufacturers and visitors. The exhibition is becoming increasingly professional, and we can see many peers and friends here. We also see more customers, so we can promote our products to them. We will continue to attend electronica China, and we hope to bring more advanced products to our customers next year.
– Lei Chen,Deputy General Manager, Dosilicon Co., Ltd. (China)

This year, electronica China 2021 is particularly popular. We have an endless stream of visitors in these two days. We have seen many Chinese chip manufacturers here and also have seen more and more types of Chinese chips and solutions, which means that our trust in domestic chips is gradually strengthening. electronica China gives us an opportunity to show our solutions, so that more customers will know about us and our products. We will also continue to participate in next year's electronica China. We hope to continue to meet you and bring our more chip products and solutions.
– Qin Fan, Marketing Manager, Nations Technologies Inc. (China)

I think electronica China 2021 is very professional. The exhibitors are all leading suppliers in different fields, and the visitors are also very professional engineers.
– Aibin Hu, Application Engineer / Application Manager, We-en Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

This year, electronica China is as crowded as in previous years, and it is helpful to our product promotion.
– Zhien Lin,Group Manager of China Automotive FAE Department,Automotive Solution Business Unit,Renesas Electronics Hongkong Limited (Japan)

In a nutshell, electronica China is very popularity. Number of participants is twice or even triple that of last year. I hope electronica China will become better, and we will continue to have more in-depth interaction with the electronica China show.
– Hengyang Lu, Director of FAE Department, Shanghai ChipOn Micro-Electronic Co., Ltd. (China)

electronica China can be described as a place of sharing and Win-Win. It is the sharing of technology, and offers Win-Win opportunities through cooperation. electronica China has always been the vane of the electronic industry. We not only bring our products here, but also learn from our peers and their excellent products. We will also look for more cooperation opportunities to contribute to the electronic industry. Next year, we will continue to participate in the show.
– Yiqi Mao,Marketing Manager of nano sensor product line, Suzhou Novosense Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (China)

electronica China is very professional and efficient. Not only will we come to the exhibition next year, but we will also bring more new products. We hope that electronica China will not only aim for professional users, but will involve more end consumers next time.
– Zhen Qin,Vice President of Digital Power Product Line / President of Modular Power Domain,Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., (China)

electronica China has a strong atmosphere of sharing. I am grateful to the organizers for providing such a good platform. In the three days, the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain have gathered here, so that both manufacturers and customers can fully exchange their ideas. We will definitely participate in the next electronica China and support this platform.
– Qi Qiu, Vice President of Marketing, Global Power Technology Co., Ltd., Inc. (China)